Funny thing, this blog. Remember how yesterday I was saying “When you are weary…” Well guess what? I was preaching to the choir, folks. Who is the weary one? This gal.

Today was rough. I started out pretty high strung and a bit anxious about the day. Then I made soup. Piping hot soup. And I served some to Eli. It promptly was dumped on his lap, producing screams I hope to never hear again. We immediately removed his pants to put on ice cold wash cloths, only to see instantly peeling skin. I felt nauseous. I tried to show him calm. I called the pediatrician who said come right away.

This is where the body of Christ, the Church, steps in. Before socks were on every foot, My sweet sister-in-Christ was in my house, grabbing shoes, reminding me to get diapers for Jude. Water. You need water. She gave me her car to get to the doctors office. She spoke calm, encouragement.

We drove, maybe a little quickly, to the office. 2nd degree burn. He will be fine, it’s just going to hurt for  a while. Here is some cream, some gauze. He was laughing and smiling. I was ready to burst out crying. Needless to say, the drive home I was a puddly mess.

So, what were those words I typed to encourage you yesterday? Oh yes. This, for one:None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare. Or this: I speak of your faithfulness and your saving help.

He is our Rescuer. Our Redeemer. And I needed him today. I was, am, so poor and needy. Thanks be to our great God! He does not let us become consumed by the rising flood. I may have cried enough tears to flood this house today, but I am not sinking in them. My hope is in Him. He will, and is, making all things new.


3 thoughts on “trouble.

  1. Awh Melissa! What a day for sure! But you made it thru. You learned more about our Savior’s faithfulness and more about our panicked, fear crippling selves. Praying today is a little easier for you!

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