I am not normally a bandwagon person. Or rather, I hope not. However, I find myself facing the Gluten- (well, all grains, actually) and Sugar-free lifestyle. At least, for now.

History. For nearly a year, I have had increasing tummy problems. I will spare you Ll the details. The main thing important to the story is that I found myself in pain quite often and getting to the point of not feeling good daily. I was very frustrated. My doctor ran tests and found nothing. We did a month long food log and found nothing. I was about to try the Whole 30 challenge, as part of a test and see what bothers me kind of thing.  I have boiled it down to one main culprit, which, funny enough is not food related. Stress. It is a killer, folks. I internalize stuff, apparently. And it is taking a toll on my guts.

Plan. My friend is a wonder. She has managed to drastically improve her son’s health by way of nutrition and devoted care to the point of miracle. I trust this lady! She knows her stuff. She is also kind, caring, prayerful, funny and honest. After a chat, she recommended I try the full GAPS diet. It has been a week, and while I have clearly struggled, I have only improved. The struggles have been: desperately wanting to drive through the Chick-Fil-A drive through for a milkshake after Eli’s burn situation; not eating my student’s homemade chocolate-caramel-pretzel creations; and wanting a bag of chips.  So far so good. I did not cave. I have treated myself to berry cobbler with a coconut flour crust that everyone loved. I have eaten a spoonful of coconut oil and honey. Yes, I did. So, apparently, I like sweets. A lot. So, my meal plans are bit different and sometimes tricky to figure out for myself, but it is working. I feel better in many ways. Not all. Some “getting it out of my system” side effects aren’t fun to deal with. However, I have hope. And the great thing, is this does not mean lifetime. This is a healing thing. I can try to reintroduce foods to see how I tolerate them. Thankfully, Chris is supportive and helpful. He has restricted himself to the same diet even though I didn’t ask him to. In fact, I may have begged him to eat bread at one point. He didn’t cave.

So, dinner tonight? Grain free mini meatloaves, butternut squash, broccoli. And I am totally looking forward to it!


4 thoughts on “eat.

  1. Sorry for the carmel chocolate pretzels….I’ll see if i can get a different snack theme going for Friday. I’m secretly trying to get Cassie to practice talking to other people and using food as the tool.

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