Sunday afternoon naps. They are a thing, you know. But I rarely take advantage of them. But today, when I woke up this morning, I knew today was the day. It was set in my mind that today I would take a nap.

We made it to church in the black ice. Thank God we live so close! It was crazy and treacherous out there. At home, we made pancakes and bacon (almond flour pancakes for me and Chris!), hung out a bit with the kids, and then…..naptime.

It was glorious, really. I put Jude down and then snuck into my room, pulled the covers up tight and slept for over two hours. And because it was planned, I woke up guilt free and rested.

Crazy thing is, I am ready for bed now too! Sleep. It is so, so good.


One thought on “sleep.

  1. Napping on Sunday is something that has been ingrained in me since birth. My family has always been Sabbath keepers. And not in a legalistic way but a logistical way. That is what I love about God. He kinda knows our physical limitations. On a Sunday he says, “Hey, look, I’ve today covered. Go sleep. I’ll do your work. Oh, hey, I’ve done all your work. Sleep on child!”

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