So, friends and I were talking about how we deeply desire to be known and loved. But when it comes down to it, we wimp out on the be known part and just strive to be loved. My friend commented about how Adam and Eve covered up their transparency with fig leaves. The joking started there. Maybe one fig leaf did the job at first…

We imagined ourselves decked out, covered head to toe, burka style, in fig leaves. Not as a sign of modesty, or humility. But of shame. Now, we were cracking up about the ridiculousness of it, but isn’t it true? We put up so many protective layers…but they don’t really protect. They prevent. We can’t be seen for who we are. Because we are afraid of what will happen.

But think about it. The creator of the stars. The life-giving Son of God hung on a cross so that you could be reunited with him. And he KNOWS it all. Even the parts under the fig leaf that we don’t know about…

I want to practice shedding those leaves. Thankfully I have a group of women in my life that makes this possible. Encourages it. Even if it isn’t pretty. Which, with me, it often isn’t.


One thought on “transparent.

  1. Read a verse recently, should try to locate it, referring to skin as clothing. I thought, hmm. that is why there were no clothes. Our skin was the clothing and then we blew it and needed “something else” to cover up. Jesus is my clothing, my coverup, my shame remover!

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