And I don’t mean the morning meal. We broke the fast last night. The fast from grains and sugar. And it was glorious. The meal was delicious! Pasta and meatballs, salad, garlic bread and chocolate cake. I was smiling ear to ear. And I didn’t feel awful afterwards.


I am returning to grain-free and sugar-free as much as possible. And I am sure this will wax and wane. Right now, partly due to health, finances, and personality, I find it I,portent to do what is best for me in all ways. I feel better in mind and body when I eliminate those foods. So at home, it’s 100%. But I am not at the place where I will I pose this choice on hosts inviting us to their home. I do not have an allergy, a serious problem. I just end up, in the long run of eating consistly foods containing grain and sugar, feeling yuck. I had a mild headache, grumpiness and tiredness today. But last night was worth it.

So, Becky, if you are reading this, I will say that chocolate cake was divine. And you could see how much we enjoyed that meal….but it wasn’t really the food. It was gathering around a table filled with love and life. Kids wiggling in seats. Knocking over glasses. Running laps through the kitchen. Fun and lively chats soon giving way to depth of heart conversation. Life giving moments shared. With the occasional interruption of a magic trick, or water-squirting toy ring (we all fell prey…). Plenty of laughter. And hearts growing closer because of our Father’s love for us.

We left, much later than anticipated, to a freshly fallen snow. Magical and white. A fitting ending to a beautiful evening with friends.


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