We have been given a very special gift. Our family is going to Great Wolf Lodge tomorrow to spend Monday and Tuesday splashing, slipping and sliding at an indoor water park while our home gets blanketed in about a foot of snow. I don’t know why we are given such extravagances, but I will tell you that it is humbling, heartwarming, and seriously exciting.

I mean, we don’t even think something is possible, and then out of the blue, a vacation is plopped on our laps. Not only that, Chris is already off work Monday and will probably not have work Tuesday due to snow. And a car? My mom hands us the keys to her Jeep with 4WD. See how that works? Gifts.

Now, don’t get me started on bathing suits in January and indoor lighting. I will see what “gift”that is…but the excitement in our house is palpable.

We will be on the road tomorrow. Prayers for safe travels will be welcomed…there are plenty more gifts to give and receive.


4 thoughts on “gifts.

  1. We are leaning towards staying here because if the power goes out the house will be in trouble – no heat, breaking pipes, cranky pets. Was hoping the forecast was a bust.

  2. My dear sister-in-law reminded me recently that when you don’t know how to receive a gift, remember Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. (Ps. 50) Accept with thankfulness and rejoice, for your Father loves you!

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