Those of you who know my life will know that it is anything BUT perfect. However, I fall prey to expectations of perfection often. As the FlyLady says, I suffer from CHAOS: Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. I become immobilized by the amount of work to be done, therefore, it doesn’t get done. Then I get angry. Then I get sad. Then I make tea.

So, applying said principles to the fact that I was challenged to write every day and I just skipped two in a row, with an already skipped day previously, I could be very much tempted to just quit…but, I am not gonna let that happen. See, I figured out a glimpse of a way out….

Grace. Having friends pop over unannounced. Teaching violin lessons in the living room. Kids knitting classes. Opening up the door. Because the truth of the matter is, this about people and not stuff. We are made for relationships, not spic and span floors. Cute matching pillows. Dusted bookshelves.

Now don’t get me wrong….I love and desire all of those things. But I will not let them rule me. So here I jot down random thoughts to attempt to kick back into gear the writing practice and discipline I so desire. Perhaps I will gather more concrete¬†thoughts for another day….but for now? Pencil to paper and go.


One thought on “perfection.

  1. Still wishing I could have brought you coffee this morning. Every time you’ve opened your door to me I’ve left full. You are good to practice “people not stuff”.

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