It is so very cold these days. Snow drifts in bitter wind across back roads. Drafty attics rattle doors. Snow predictions loom in the near future, threatening gatherings and travel plans. We are fully plunged in winter, scarves, boots and blankets.

Yet, somehow that bitter cold just can’t break through.

Impromptu dinner and games with friends-long-turned-family. Breakfast date with my best friend and love. Dear friend babysitting. Bookstore browsing. Cuddles on the couch with a not-too-big son. Creativity drawing a smile across our girl’s sweet face.

Yes, we are so thankful for heat and a home. Wool and fleece. Cozy slippers and hot water for tea. But truthfully, the things-that-are-not-things that fill our lives bring the warmth that sustains. My tea turns cold. The hat gets itchy. But moments captured in my heart shine like the sun.


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