I went to bed disappointed and grumpy last night. I had hopes for this weekend that appeared dashed. But today brings new hope.  And a lesson.

As I sat at the table with my boys today, I dreamt of swimming pools and sun-kissed shoulders. I long to sit in the grass for lunch. Not that we weren’t fully enjoying our hot lunch and warm drinks! Have you had the privilege of eating anything with Eli? He makes eating fun. Anyway, I am getting distracted. You see, it’s about me and my plans. I decided in my mind that we are taking this summer off. No weekly classes, groups, schedules. We will have a summer of fun, togetherness and relaxation. But just as I had made mental plans for this weekend, I was making mental plans for the summer. Last night brought the realization that what I had hoped to do this weekend was sold out. But today brought hope of tickets. I still don’t know that it will happen, but what changed was my heart. My best laid plans are just smoke. They waver with the breeze and disappear. But God knows the plans He has for me. I need to pray and trust. And why don’t I? Have I not seen his faithfulness? Have I not witnessed his intervening? Have I not been smacked with unexpected and undeserved blessing? Yes, all of it, yes.

So, I will not stop dreaming and planning, but I will try to remember to lay my plans out to the One whom I wish to follow, the One who knows my heart. And I will see where He takes me.

For now, I hope He takes me here:

(photo thanks to Chris.)




2 thoughts on “plans.

  1. I have often been intrigued by the fact that disappointment can often be averted by lack of expectation. Yet, planning, which could be viewed as expectation is rather being purposeful about the future with open hands not gripping the plans. I do hope your weekend works out as you would like. You can always join us for the IF:Gathering in Reading. You never did get back to me about it. You will know tons of people! We just reopened up registration, which is by donation only.

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