I have become obsessed. Planning, sorting, shopping, dreaming. All about fabric, sewing and creating my own wardrobe. Lofty goal is to not purchase any ready-made clothes. Attainable goal, make as much of my wardrobe as possible. If something is wearing out, don’t buy a replacement, make it.  There are amazing resources, free patterns, blogs about altering patterns to suit my own body or style, etc. available. And I plan on getting some Spring sewing done.

So far in 2015, I have purchased one thing out of necessity (and pre-handmade wardrobe obsession kicked in). I bought a new swim suit from Target in order to go to Great Wolf Lodge. I like it. I will make my own one day. I actually spied some Liberty of London swim fabric…dreamy…but that is not a NEED, so…

Here is the fabric purchased so far:


The top four are from Organic Cotton Plus. Double Gauze, interlock (stripes and geometric design), and twill. The bottom is a double knit from Joann.

They will become an All Dressed Up dress from Peppermintmag.com, Hemlock tee from Grainlinestudio.com, Kirsten Kimono tee from Mariadenmark.com, Moss skirt from Grainline, and a Wiksten tank with Tova sleeves from shopwiksten.com

Amazingly, there are still two fabrics on the way from Organic Cotton Plus! A cotton voile, for a tunic from one of my Japanese books, Stylish Dress Book: Wear with Freedom (link is to book in English, mine is not, but I can always email Brennan!), and a Cotton/Hemp jersey for another t-shirt (probably another Wiksten hodgepodge).

For a glimpse at some of my inspiration down this track, I need to point you to another blog. If you are into handmade, minimalism, or sustainability, you will find it interesting. I haven’t followed all the steps yet, but plan on following along quite a bit.

I am so excited for this…but I know I get a bit obsessed and one-track-minded. So, I hope I remember to feed my family and do the laundry, and….


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