Glistening drops fall from an icicle that is as long as the boy is tall. Puddles form on the road that once were covered in ice. The pure whiteness of the snow will soon be dingy gray and slushy. But, oh the joy that muck is bringing to this heart!

I normally love winter. Truly, I do. It is second to Fall. Spring is third and summer a big, dead last. But this winter was painful. Crushingly cold. Filled with annoying illnesses. Ice more than snow. And yes, I count my blessings and do see how we have been provided for, gifted time, and loved. But, man, I am showing Winter the door and expecting an exit soon.

I do see a correlation to the frozen ground and my grumpiness. It is pathetic, really. As the days grew darker and shorter, my fuse disappeared. As the air lashed coldly, my words became chilled. I sadly found myself losing hope for Spring. For that Breath of Life to warm the earth back to life. And yet, in spite of my lackluster faith and callous heart, here It comes. The thawing of the snow and ice, the melting of my heart. Why does He lavish grace like this on us? How can he stand to pull my downcast face up to meet His one more time?

Jesus braved the lashing and the coldness, conquered the dark. All so when I am not brave and the dark pins me down, I can point to him and say He did it perfectly…in my place. It is only “because the sinless Savior died, my sinful soul is counted free! For God the just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me.”

I am so thankful that this Sunday brought a hint of Spring, a chance to worship, repent and pray. Oh, my Lord, I need you!!!


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