making it up as I go.

So, I don’t have time to come up with pretty words and deep thoughts lately. Mostly because my spare time has been spent sewing. I have now made 4 t-shirts. Two are great, 2 are good. One of the good ones needs some shaping. The other good one was a poor fabric choice. So….I am not bummed. In fact, I am so encouraged and excited. Next up is a dress. I was tempted to skip the dress in favor of a skirt, but I am sticking to the original plan.

But this blogging thing. I am not doing so well with it. I feel pressure to make every little thing so meaningful, when the meaningfulness just IS sometimes. Do you know what I mean? Like, the fact that Chris took the kids to the library tonight so that I could sew. Two full hours of quiet, machine humming, iron hissing. It was beautiful. But it is nothing that will bring a tear to the eye or leave you wanting more….so, instead of not writing at all, I am giving you my thoughts on where I am in this process. It has been tricky for me lately. So, read on if you’d like, or have patience. You just never know…


One thought on “making it up as I go.

  1. yes!!!!! I don’t think this challenge is about pretty words but sharing life stories . In this media based world it is a chance to meet together, encourage etc…Please write…no more pressure though!

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