do what you can.

{well, it was not my intention to be gone from this space for five months, but sometimes quiet is a necessity. funny that the last post is about retreat. I was definitely doing quite a bit of that.}

Fruit salad.

Not just any fruit salad. No, this one had nine different fruits in it. As we devoured it, part of the joy was discovering a new one in each bite, but primarily the warm glow surrounding the table wasn’t due to the gift, but the giver. You see, it was shared at church one evening how our little family had struggled a long time with under-employment. Gathered in the room that night for prayer was a kind, white-haired widow named Irene Margaret Lanser. She was moved that night to help in some way. And I thank God for placing her on my doorstep just a few days later.

Chris and I were both home when the doorbell rang. She carried a large tub of fruit salad and some other treats. Thankfully, I put aside whatever nonsense we were doing at the time and asked her to stay for a cup of tea. We were given the gift of listening to her story. To the many ways God had worked in her life. How grace had been extravagant and enough. As she stood to leave many hours later, I thanked her for the fruit salad. She said she knew it wasn’t a lot, but she was doing what she could.

Do what you can. Make fruit salad. For goodness sake, pray. Visit folks. Care for kids.  Extend grace. Make tea. Love your dear dying dog. Greet your church family even when you are weak.

I will miss you, Miss Irene. Margaret. You were a lovely woman who was willing to bare her heart and show me Jesus.

You can find Irene Margaret Lanser’s obituary here.


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