ordinary extraordinary.

How can one run-of-the-mill day hold so much in it?

Cloudy gloom broken through by rays of sunshining warmth. But then the clouds return. Gleeful squeals of a game of chase end in cries of pain. But then laughter comes in the comfort.

A friend announces that her family is adopting for the third time. I can not wait to meet and hug Moriah! She will be prayed for (and has been) for the months in between now and her arrival!

Another friend whispers that her waiting is over. Her sweet in-utero baby has no heartbeat. This little life, lost to the world, gained heaven.

How Lord, can these things be communicated within minutes of each other? How can our hearts hold these things with the weight each deserves?

How do you do it, God? Seeing the full weight of sin. Oh, bearing it! Seeing your creation weep in its aftermath. Yet, glancing over and seeing your Son on the throne, triumphant.

Today, I am reminded by Timothy Keller of something CS Lewis once said. “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”  Whether the extraordinary happens here on earth in tangible ways or we need to wait until heaven, these ordinary days can bloom extraordinary.

Let the heaviness of our days weigh on us and mold us, with both thanksgiving and cries of woah. Let us see the King on His throne.


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