yep. 2016 goals. resolutions. hopes. plans.

If I don’t jot them down, how will I know for sure if I reach them? I need a reminder of what I hope to do this year….so here is my list.

routines. I thrive on routines. Maybe that’s lame, but, hey, whatever. I love a good morning routine and evening routine. Perhaps it borders on ritual, but it gives my day a rhythm and bookends the craziness.

the Word. I plan on writing through the Bible. Perhaps a verse or two a day. Kind of like grown up copy work. I retain better when I write, so this should help. I also plan on continuing to use the She Reads Truth app for monthly or seasonal Bible studies and inspiration.

daily walks. This has been something that I know helps my brain and body, but haven’t always found a way to put it in my day. I am hoping to make space for it daily. Perhaps these walks will be alone, some hopefully will include Jude, and weekend walks could be with the whole family.

afternoon reading. You know that 2 o’clock lull? The one where you could fall asleep, but instead just get grumpy and become a drill sergeant? Oh, that’s just me? Well, I plan on giving myself a treat and gathering everyone to the coziness of our living room for some quiet reading, together. When I read, I am a better person. My kids are readers (Eli more than Stella currently, but hopefully she’ll get her groove back.) Therefore, I will curl up with a good book for at least a half hour in the afternoon.

evening knitting. This will be part of my nighttime routine. After the kids are in bed, I tend to sit in front of a screen and zone out. I have been working on a delicate scarf since my father’s last Christmas. That was four years ago. It could be done this month. Plus, working with my hands gives me joy and peace.

sew two things a month. I have been tempted to subscribe to Seamwork magazine for a year or so and I think this is the year. It’s a great e-magazine all about sewing. I love the style and detail and it is just enough to get me inspired and not feel overwhelmed. It comes with two easy patterns a month. I could really begin to build my handmade wardrobe this way.

healthy living. Not much needs to change here. A lot of good came about last year. Finally, there was relief from my gut problems. I figured out foods that work for me and foods that don’t. I lost a bit of the religiosity about it. I plan on exercising more deliberately, because it helps my brain and body. I plan on eating the way that works best for me. No more fads or trials. Probiotics are definitely worth the investment. I am hoping to use no or very few chemicals in our home. I recently won a huge load of Norwex products and love them. I have a couple more to invest in before all chemicals are gone, but that’s the goal. And, I have embraced th mild use of essential oils as aromatherapy.

write something. I kind of want to journal my childhood. All its humor, pain, joy, and small town weirdness. But that will be completely private. I may continue here sometimes too.

people. I don’t need to be reminded to include my people in my life, because that is my natural bent. I just want y’all to know that my family, my community, my girls…..they breathe life. If you don’t make room for people, for rubbing shoulders, then you can be missing out. Yes, sometimes it feels like sandpaper, but more often than not it is healing balm. Just choose wisely. Have boundaries. Speak truth and life.

finally, buy a home. All of the above are good, but this is our dream. Pray with me that all works out in the next couple months for us to finally own this home. We love it here. We want this. We need to see if this is where God will have us root ourselves.


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