make plans.

Last year, I made a list of things I wanted to do for 2016. goals. Well, quite honestly, I forgot that I wrote it and really didn’t accomplish much of it. So, don’t put too much weight on what gets jotted on this post, either.


If I don’t plan, dream, hope, then, well, life is pretty flat.So,Ii am making some plans.

I plan on reading through the Bible this year.

I’ve always shirked this off because *just* reading through doesn’t do a lot for me. However, I returned to doing a Precepts study this fall and don’t think I want to stop doing that….ever. So, to accompany the digging deeper of Precepts, I am hoping to read through the entire Bible this year. I am doing the 5 day a week reading plan I found here.

I plan on doing normal life better.

You know the drill: I hope to eat more veggies, drink more water, play outside more, stress less, look people in the eye when I talk to them…..

I plan on reading books my friends write/have written.

For example, Kory’s book, David’s latest, and Matt’s upcoming one. (go, click, buy, read along.) I also have a big list of recommended books from friends and family that I hope to make my way through.

I plan on making stuff.

I am going to keep on sewing, spinning, knitting, and maybe learn something new! (Sashiko? Weaving? Who knows!) I still have the goal of a handmade wardrobe. I stumbled upon a blog where the writer/maker sets out to make 9 garments this year. Her blog was nice and inspiring, so I thought, “that’s doable.” Thus, I’m joining in on….


1. archer shirt        2. fingerless mitts (for chris)        3.linden sweatshirt        4. handspun hat              5. toast sweaters        6. hampshire trousers        7. more monetas        8. notched hem tank        9. more wiksten tanks

Truthfully, I hope to make multiple Archer shirts (including the popover variation), Wiksten tanks, and a couple Monetas. I will probably make both Toaster sweaters, too. I would like to add a skirt into the mix, too, and possibly a pair of shorts. Maybe I will even take pictures and post them here, but….don’t count on it. heh.

Do you make plans, goals, resolutions? Lists? What is at the top of yours this new year?



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