buckle up.

“And as it turns out, if one person is praying for you, buckle up. Things can happen.”
― Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers

So, I was having a rough start last week. Kids were clicking along, doing their school work. Chores were happening. Meals were made and enjoyed. But I was in a major slump. Granted, it was the first Monday back after a long and pretty rotten Christmas break (thank you flu, pneumonia, ear infections…).

But, I have these friends. We can shoot an email packed with total honesty and get grace-filled, sometimes heavy hitting responses. Now, we can have a lot of fun, too, but when the rubber needs to meet the road, prepare to here some squealing. So, I sent one of those Oh dear God don’t judge me, but I am sinking! kind of emails. Responses came back…encouragement, scripture. And what I knew was happening in homes spread North, South and East of me, was that friends were praying. Maybe long and eloquent prayers, but c’mon. We are home schooling moms. Chances are they were prayers like, Lord, help my friend. And I will tell you, by Tuesday morning, I had experienced a total mood turn around. I simply prayed, Thank you, Lord. (You can bank on little eloquence here.) Then I emailed my Girls with the update.

So, prayer. That strange weird mystery where we communicate with the One who hears, who pleads on our behalf, and we get to enter a little more fully into His kingdom. It does something. It changes us. Not only us, the Pray-ers, but those folks whose names you lift up in your dirty-under-the-nail hands asking for Help. So who are you praying for today? Right now? It doesn’t take any time. Help. Thanks. Wow. Talk to Him. And then watch what happens.