making it up as I go.

So, I don’t have time to come up with pretty words and deep thoughts lately. Mostly because my spare time has been spent sewing. I have now made 4 t-shirts. Two are great, 2 are good. One of the good ones needs some shaping. The other good one was a poor fabric choice. So….I am not bummed. In fact, I am so encouraged and excited. Next up is a dress. I was tempted to skip the dress in favor of a skirt, but I am sticking to the original plan.

But this blogging thing. I am not doing so well with it. I feel pressure to make every little thing so meaningful, when the meaningfulness just IS sometimes. Do you know what I mean? Like, the fact that Chris took the kids to the library tonight so that I could sew. Two full hours of quiet, machine humming, iron hissing. It was beautiful. But it is nothing that will bring a tear to the eye or leave you wanting more….so, instead of not writing at all, I am giving you my thoughts on where I am in this process. It has been tricky for me lately. So, read on if you’d like, or have patience. You just never know…


so sew.

{missed 6 days in the challenge. I will blame recovering from a tummy bug, girls’night out, girl’s brunch and a birthday. Hopefully, I will get the ball rolling again!}

I spent the afternoon on Sunday sewing. I worked on a small project that has been rolling around in my mind for a couple years. It all began in the ’80s. Remember those purses we carried with wooden handles and reversible covers. They probably were emblazoned with your initials or a whale. Maybe a frog. They were very preppy, a little impractical, and super awesome. Well, a few years back, we were in Jim Thorpe, PA with my sister’s family. We stumbled into a little vintage shop and I scored such a purse in perfect condition. Except for the initials were wrong. I knew I would make a cover some day. Just didn’t realize it would take so long! Fast forward a couple years to a random purchase of fabric. I love Denys Schmidt’s style, so I purchasedĀ a charm pack of her Shelburne Falls collection. It stayed stashed away until Sunday.

I sliced it up into strips and pieced together a little cover for my bag. I decided to make it reversible by lining it with a piece of fabric gifted to me by my nephew in Japan. It still needs buttonholes, so as soon as it is complete, I will share a photo. It was so fun to make and I can’t wait to use it this spring!

Getting in front of my machine gave me the itch to sew more often. I have a lofty dream right now to sew my own wardrobe. To stop buying ready made items. I don’t think it is that outrageous. I am a uniform wearer anyway. I have a definite style that I enjoy. It may not be the most hip, but it is me. My short term goal is to sew up two dresses and a couple t-shirts. I will keep you posted!

tummy ache.

We have been invaded by an uninvited guest. Jude was first, then Eli, now Stella. Chris and I can’t tell if we are sick, exhausted or grossed out. I am going to bed now, hoping to not be woken every hour like last night to rub heaving backs and wipe sweaty brows. Although, the backs and brows are loved dearly, we all need some rest. Stay warm, and stay away. (Nicky, I am praying you are healthy. I am sorry!)


Today, I am doing something I do well. Reveling in my geekiness. I could try to blame the lack of sleep caused by sitting bedside to a barfing Jude, or my recent work with Eli on memorizing prepositions, but truth is…it’s just me.

As you all know, I’m trying to get better at memorizing scripture. I can’t just read to memorize. I need to write it out. Over and over. Plus, I like lists and blue bic pens. So, as I am struggling through 1 Peter 1:3-9, I was caught up in all those prepositional phrases! They work as anchors to help me get it straight. And to see what is really being said. I decided to sit with Stella as she did her school work and try out one of her class’s ways of learning: doodle notes. Here is where that took me… Kinda fun. I am not an artist, but I am solid on this much of my memorizing! I think I will keep adding to it as the verses go on. We shall see…


I am off to a conference on Anxiety: How God Cares for Stressed People. I admit to being one of those kind of people.

The speakers are from CCEF, the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, David Powlison and Ed Welch. Many of you know that I love Ed Welch’s book, Running Scared. So, I am pretty excited. I need to run, so hopefully in coming days I will have a more thoughtful post about what I learn this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!