What a great day. We are not very sappy around here when it comes to celebrating St.Valentine, but taking that the day landed on a Saturday, we ended up with a winner.

I think tonight requires a list of thanks:
❤️The best babysitter ever
❤️Breakfast out with Chris
❤️Laughing together
❤️Delicious food
❤️Baking with kids
❤️Texting with a long distance best friend
❤️Sunshine photos on a blustery day
❤️Bone broth
❤️Freshly bathed kids
❤️Jude’s laugh
❤️A sweet card from Eli
❤️A helpful spirit in Stella
❤️Movie night
❤️Looking forward to worship



Jesus, your name, great banner of hope, steadies the knees of the weak. -from “Jesus Your Name” words and music by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Ian Hannah

This verse really popped out to me today during worship. I almost giggled in knowingness. Have you experienced the steadying of knocking knees? I sure have.

I picture a battle raging. Maybe in the kitchen. Words flying like arrows. Looks of death. Fists clenched. Then a silent prayer is shot to heaven. In rushes Jesus carrying his banner of hope. Your heart hears the whisper {hold on}. Soon comes the peace that only He gives (not as the world gives). And you rest. Fingers uncurl. Eyes soften. Words slow down.

So very thankful today for the Prince of Peace, whose name alone gives hope.